Dice App Reviews

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This is the dice app I have been waiting for! Six dice to play 10,000.... Works great, shake or spin and lock...

Fun, FunNY, and useful!

I can use these when I play monopoly, but mostly for fun and laughs. It has good sound effects, good graphics, and 1-6 dice!!!! GREAT APP DEFINETLY WORTH IT!!!!!

not very great

It does what they say - but looks cheesy and not worth buying. Theres better for free.

Dice game

Doesnt even open cant play

dont waste your money

The free version is better!

Does not install

This application would not even install on my iPhone although Ive downloaded and installed a number of other applications.

Cool dice

Cant beat the price

zero stars!

What a waste of money, even $0.99. This should not even be on the Ap Store. DO NOT BUY.

Rip off

Application simply does not work!


Great little app to play almost any kind of dice game. I was looking for an app that I could play Zilch with...need six dice. This works perfect. Loaded easy, no crashes, did exactly what it said it would do and only cost a buck! Play 1-6 dice, able to lock the dice you want and roll the rest. Well done!

Almost Perfect... Im happy

Program performs as advertised. You can slide your finger along to roll the dice. (this works very well) Selecting amount of dice works well too. The animation and sound effects are pretty good. If I could have other types of dice, that would be 5 stars. (d20,d4,d8,d12,d10, & 2d10) I would pay for this, and every D&D fan would rejoice!! The ability to change the color of dice and add +1 to 10 would be nice.

This rocks

Finally I can play ceelo without asking around for dice and then picking them up and when they roll away and all that crap, in other words i love this app. Worth a dollar and u can play for hours

Great app

Love the fact you can lock some of the dice and roll the rest.

Great Dice Roller. A Simple one for Simple games is all I need.

This app is my best choice for playing Liars Dice and other simple rolling games. I dont need many other features. Just a CLEAN, FAST and SMOOTH dice roller that does not look so COMPLICATED to other people so that they wont think that I am CHEATING. This is very important! I Love this app and have bought it the first few weeks since iPhone 3G was launched. I am glad to see updates today and have changed my review. Recommended.

Good, but...

-needs 10 sided dice, etc. -shake to roll needs to be more sensitive.


Tried using last night, but wouldnt roll till we shake it violently.

Brilliant yet simple

Looking forward to more apps from this developer.

Awsome for farkle

Should put farkle in discription its great for the long road trips in a sedan The most straight forward simpilist app for dice thx

Nice dice

They spin which is cool needs more kinds of dice


Its pretty fun!!!

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