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Dice app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 5360 ratings )
Games Entertainment Board Dice Simulation
Developer: Motor City Code Foundry LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.3.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 493.52 Kb

Let the good times roll on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with these 3D virtual dice. Play just about any dice game you want with style and convenience by taking advantage of your devices advanced features. Great for playing games while on the road or when a large flat surface is not available.

A major part of this apps value comes from its simple, easy to use and un-cluttered interface. If you need features like "yes/no" dice, 50 different backgrounds or other "extras" then please check out some of the other dice apps. However, if you want the easiest to use dice app with the most streamlined interface for playing your favorite game, then look no further.

- Two cool ways to roll: Swipe the screen with your finger or shake the device up and down. *** Other Dice Apps Do Not Allow You To Roll By Swiping ***
- Up to Six Dice: Choose from between one and six dice
- Lock/Unlock: Save your score in between rolls by tapping the dice to lock or unlock them
- Realistic 3D animation and motion with fun sound effects (iPod requires headphones or external speakers)

Pros and cons of Dice app for iPhone and iPad

Dice app good for

This is the Dice app I have been waiting for! Six Dice to play 10,000.... Works great, shake or spin and lock...
I can use these when I play monopoly, but mostly for fun and laughs. It has good sound effects, good graphics, and 1-6 Dice!!!! GREAT APP DEFINETLY WORTH IT!!!!!
Great little app to play almost any kind of Dice game. I was looking for an app that I could play Zilch with...need six Dice. This works perfect. Loaded easy, no crashes, did exactly what it said it would do and only cost a buck! Play 1-6 Dice, able to lock the Dice you want and roll the rest. Well done!
Program performs as advertised. You can slide your finger along to roll the Dice. (this works very well) Selecting amount of Dice works well too. The animation and sound effects are pretty good. If I could have other types of Dice, that would be 5 stars. (d20,d4,d8,d12,d10, & 2d10) I would pay for this, and every D&D fan would rejoice!! The ability to change the color of Dice and add +1 to 10 would be nice.
Finally I can play ceelo without asking around for Dice and then picking them up and when they roll away and all that crap, in other words i love this app. Worth a dollar and u can play for hours
Love the fact you can lock some of the Dice and roll the rest.

Some bad moments

It does what they say - but looks cheesy and not worth buying. Theres better for free.
This application would not even install on my iPhone although Ive downloaded and installed a number of other applications.
What a waste of money, even $0.99. This should not even be on the Ap Store. DO NOT BUY.
Tried using last night, but wouldnt roll till we shake it violently.
The Dice are really hard to read. Because it shows the Dice in 3D, its really hard to tell which side is "up" on the Dice. You could assume its the lightest side, but it just doesnt look right. Several times when rolling Dice, I had to do a toss up from three numbers. Just show the Dice face up! Or, make the 3D sides much smaller so its easy to tell which side is up.
I bought this app to help me with rigged backgammon game app. Cant turn the sound off within the app. It would be nice if you could shake the iPhone to roll the Dice.